Friendly & knowledgeable staff to help you make the right product choices

If you haven't already visited the welcoming Hairtech establishment in Kettlewell Yard on the Austin Field Industrial Estate, you are in for a treat which will make restocking something to look forward to.

Chris Selway

Chris Selway has made it his mission to make Hairtech a supplier which you can rely on to be flexible, fair-priced and informal. Going to Hairtech is more like meeting up with friends who understand your business and your product needs, and a far cry from impersonal, supplier warehouses, where service comes second and a smile rarely comes at all.

Chris sees Hairtech as a source which supplies hair, nail and beauty professionals with the products they want at prices they are happy to pay. An entrepreneur over many years, Chris aims to give Hairtech customers what they want for their work, in a pleasant and friendly venue where everyone is known by name and feels welcome. This is what makes Hairtech so different from other well-known suppliers to the trade.

Chris Selway

Chris Selway

Vivienne Beatty

Besides the warm in-store welcome you receive every time you go to Hairtech, you can also ask for product advice from Viv Beatty. Viv has thirty years’ experience of the hairdressing industry and has been in the Hairtech team since the business opened over 24 years ago. Her expertise is invaluable whether you are a trained professional or a student.

For product advice call Vivienne on 01553 764818 or pop into our King's Lynn shop